The Magic of Labyrinths


Sacred Labyrinth Walks in Budapest, Hungary. 

The above photograph was taken on Margarita Island in Budapest, Hungary in May 2018. During approximately seven hours on a magnificent afternoon, Ophelia held the sacred ceremonial space for nearly forty people to have their personal walking experience.

Combining teachings on energy and sound vibration healing, dowsing, intuitive readings, and spirit messages, laughter, fun, tears, awakening moving and beyond language barriers through deep inner awareness, safety, and supportive curiosity.

Over the years of holding a sacred space for people when they walk these unique labyrinths, I have learned and also witnessed that the realm of the spirit world is ever present and significant in each experience. Although, what appears to be just bright colored designs on large canvas dropcloths, there is something very different that happens for those who share the experience and walk the paths. This is when creation including the design, the prayers, the intention and the crystals infused into the paint becomes activated for a higher purpose, far beyond me and anyone else present.

Being in the presence of a portal, such as this one, there is an energy that emanates from the field and even those who are unfamiliar with labyrinths feel something beyond words. When I open the space for each person to be within the field, alone, besides themselves feeling something happening, all present can witness the subtle, yet the undeniable presence of energy far higher than me or anyone else. It is a moment of alchemy at work.

I am accepting custom commissions and orders for labyrinths to be created during the spring and summer months.  Designs, logos, and geometries will be customized based on where its home will be, purpose and intention of use and outcomes.

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Ophelia The Mystic Muse

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