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                       IN PERSON IN MOUNT SHASTA, CA OR BY PHONE / SKYPE                                     NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY

“Ophelia offers more than 30 years of seeking, healing, acquiring, teaching and evolving spiritual awareness through diverse and expansive experiences, along with her unique abilities of perceiving information to reveal patterns and hidden information, inter and interconnected within everyday life, relationships, health and lineage issues,  providing the client the keys for greater understanding of Self.

Ophelia’s gifts, talents, and knowledge include Lemurian Reiki Master Teacher, Life Alchemist, and Coach, Intuitive, Psychic, Initiate of Ancient Mystery Schools, Shamanic and Goddess Wisdoms, Intra-Energetic Alignment and Crystal Sound Practitioner, Teacher and Guide of 21st Century Psychologies, Artist, Writer, Dancer, Television & Theater Producer, Facilitator of Cooperative Leadership workshops.

Former experience as business owner/manager in travel wholesale (before Internet), Director and Administration of Federal-funded, Not-for-Profit Social Programs, Hospitality/Retail owner of bookstore/café.

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You are the Book ~ You are the Puzzle ~ You are the Lock ~ You HOLD the Key to Your New Life!


THE MISSION set before us is to create, align and manifest through the Ascension of Higher Consciousness a New World of Unity, Acceptance, Recognition,…



A collection of products and tools to Inspire Creativity, Awaken Potential, Strengthen Intuition, Empower New Directions and Unique Astrology Art with Readings …


Custom Labyrinths

Once, labyrinths were only available for the privilege of spiritual leaders and teachers.
Now, they are available for all! …


Art Gallery

Collection of Original Crystal Infused Art.
Available as originals, prints and notecards


Astrology and Art Readings

Personalized and unique Painting on canvas based on a person’s Destiny Oracle in the 13 Moon Mayan Calendar. Included is an audio …


Cooperative Leadership

This effective model has been borne from Ophelia’s experience and knowledge of working in business, federal social service programs and not-for-profit community organizations.


Clients Testimonials in their own Words

  • Ophelia came to me at a very challenging time. Her profound insight and the introduction to the Gene Keys and Human Design gave me the encouragement needed to breakthrough circumstances with a sense of empowerment and discovery. The synchronicity around how I came across her ingenious form of self-inquiry, mixed with compassion, intelligence and wisdom is proof in and of itself that he/she who seeks, shall find.
    Michelle MSanta Rosa, CA
  • I have to say that I was very skeptical about your work when we first met. My depression was so extreme that I decided what did I have to loose. I have to say it has been nearly 3 months since working with you and I have had no recurrence of my depression. I feel lighter, calmer and am able to deal with stress much more positively. It is remarkable!