Custom Labyrinths

Created for use by individuals, groups, schools and organizations.

For hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, monks and nuns, priests, sages, shamans, yogis and spiritual leaders of indigenous cultures began their days in quiet, reflective meditative practices –both in stillness and walking. Labyrinths dates back to these times and practices

Beginning the day with a quiet walk, allowing thoughts and stress to sit back for a few moments can make a difference.

Studies have shown that children who regularly walk labyrinths are inclined to be more calm, have more focused attention, be more grounded and mindful.  Many Waldorf schools, whose teaching style is based on the teachings of Rudolph Steiner, regularly use labyrinths in their school practices.

The subtle energies of Labyrinths connect with the electromagnetic fields of the body, and during the unique walking forward/backward spiral motions, ground and balance the energy circuits, balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and create a calm, meditative waking experience.

Even as little as one 5-minute labyrinth walk a day, is even enough to make a difference.

The quality of this video is marginal and I apologize. It was taken about 5 years ago. However, the experience of this young boy with his mother was very special and I share it for that reason.

I had the labyrinth laid out in Mount Shasta City Park. When he first came arrived, he was wired and energetic, a typical nine-year-old. His first walk on the paths was fast, erratic and a silly act. When finished he immediately asked to do it again.

My instructions this time were to “follow the directions and not so fast!” As you see, he checks the “cheat sheet” I gave him on the way in, even staying focused when he gets a little lost on the blue path. Then he follows the correct paths into the center.

On the way out his steps are light, smooth and he looks more grounded and remembers the sequence. At the end he stands quite proudly.

I always enjoy quietly observing those watching others walk the paths. Unknowingly, they are walking also.

His mother’s reaction was beautiful. “I have never seen him calm and focused like that! I see a difference in him!” They both walked away with a new found confidence. A special moment to witness.

The Magical Alchemy of Labyrinths


Language, Leadership & Labyrinth with Robert Sharpe

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Custom Labyrinths are infused with crystals and sacred geometries

Pricing for Custom Labyrinths depends on size and design with geometries.

Starting from $500

Custom Labyrinths for schools, organizations and businesses can include their unique logo if desired.