Clients Testimonials in their own Words

I have been honored and blessing to work with many people and animals over the years. Though these meetings and consultations we have all grown and benefited from the expected and unexpected. I am in Gratitude of all who cross my path.


HN, Law Enforcement, AZ

I first spoke with Ophelia in 2007. At the time, I was at a point in my life where I seemed to be moving in obscurity.  No real direction or calling, or so I thought.  My brother initially recommended that I speak with her and I was skeptical to say the least. 

When I first called, I had offered no specific line of questioning, rather I let her speak freely.   She described to me a new job that I would be starting. Upon hearing this I immediately began trying to “fit” it into what was already occurring in my life; so I believed it was in regard to a job I was going to be taking in Los Angeles. What I didn’t realize at the time, was that the information Ophelia provided wasn’t information that needed to be “fit” into my current situation by me , but rather it was life transforming information that needed no aid or assistance to be truth. She Insisted, despite my best efforts to convince her otherwise, that I would not end up in Los Angeles. Well, not only did she accurately predict where I would end up, but with uncanny ability she was able to predict my current job; the job I’ve been doing for seven years now.  

I continue to speak with Ophelia to this day. I call upon her to light the beacon that I may be missing in my busy life.   Every time, she amplifies the signs guiding my life that I may have missed. This is a story I continually tell to friends and family. I recommend anyone who may be in transformation phase of their life.   I am grateful to have someone as wonderful as Ophelia in my life and continually helping me to achieve my higher calling in life.   


Michelle M, Santa Rosa, CA

Ophelia came to me at a very challenging time. Her profound insight and the introduction to the Gene Keys and Human Design gave me the encouragement needed to breakthrough circumstances with a sense of empowerment and discovery. The synchronicity around how I came across her ingenious form of self-inquiry, mixed with compassion, intelligence and wisdom is proof in and of itself that he/she who seeks, shall find.


Dr. Margarita, Psychiatrist, CO

I have met Ophelia in the Spa Atlantis in Florida in 2003. Ever since this meeting she has been showing up in my life just at the time that I am ready to move to a different stage on my spiritual path. She is there to facilitate those transitions for me just at the right moment.

This past encounter with her in June of 2014 was not different. Ophelia opened a beautiful space of healing and self-reflection in our house. Its hard to put into words all the different experiences that I had through the session but a few of them were particularly significant. She showed me that the way I process information is different from the way it is expected in the academic environment. I always felt that I was not working hard enough because I could not express myself in facts and numbers. I rely on intuition and big picture way of processing information. Ophelia’ reading showed why this is true for me. Using my birth data she formulated my strengths and challenges using Gene Key’s language by Richard Rudd, which added a different dimension of my understanding of myself and my experiences of the I Ching oracle.

And the final extraordinary powerful experience that I had was standing on the ” Alignment Activating Mandala” that Ophelia painted and presented. I have to admit that I was very sceptical before I stood on the painting that it will do anything for me. But I felt my whole energy first spin in the downward spiral and then settled and grounded itself. Having this direct energetic experience left no doubt in my mind on just how powerful this painting mandala is. I am very excited about my next spiritual phase and I am very grateful to Ophelia for facilitating this for me.

The session with you was completely an alchemical experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the spiritual transformation. However, I am not quite able to put it into words for the testimonial.  I can see a thought form in the air but I can’t quite put it in my own words. 

I don’t want to put something that not quite it.  


Dorothy Reilly, Delray Beach, FL

I have had the great pleasure of learning Reiki I, II and Master classes from
Stephanie Ophelia. My husband along many clients s attended her classes and workshops held at my store, Inner Wisdom Books.

After attending her class we all became so energized and attuned to the Reiki information. She is knowledgeable in many areas as well, to be a Inspirational Spiritual Teacher.

As a prior New Age Book Store owner and many years as a Vice President Branch Manager prior to purchasing my store, I have met and worked with many professionals and teachers but Stephanie’s abilities will always stand out as one of the greatest teachers I have ever had. I learned so much about energy, crystal bowls, Feng Shui, Numerology and of course Reiki Master from Stephanie Ophelia.

Her positive attitude and willingness to assist anyone that needs her guidance has been so apparent in her teachings. Stephanie has so much compassion and
regard for her students needs, understanding, skills and anyone she comes in contact with is captured by her abundant knowledge of so many topics in her field.

She is always appreciative and grateful, which also makes it a great pleasure to work with her and to have any interaction with her.


Toby, Shaman/Healer, Artist Kansas City, MO

My Energy Alignment session with Ophelia was a gentle release of old cellular patterns while being consciously aligned with my Higher-Self. There was an immediate transfer of energy that was cathartic, inspiring and very moving.


Don F. PhD – Santa Fe, NM

“I worked with Ophelia for about 4 months. Initial guidance came from her manual “Life Illuminations” and her unique Reiki sessions. However, I was going to have surgery done and was feeling quite apprehensive about it, so this prompted me to schedule a cluster of sessions both before and after the surgery. Although I could not specify what was happening, the pre-surgery Reiki was doing something at some level for me and the same experience was felt after surgery for some weeks. And the surgery had an excellent outcome. She also used numerology to help explain some side issues that I’d raised.

Then two weeks later, I started a session of Ophelia’s videotaping “Reflections” process. I went into this with some anxiety, as I imagined it displaying half of everything I didn’t want revealed about me. As it turned out, what started out as distinctly negative feelings gradually through the hour revealed visual changes in me in a more and more positive light. A subtle but noticeable “aura” also showed up; she coached me on how to manifest that.

Ophelia has a persona that is down to earth and genuine. If you want someone who glides around in a white robe or something with stars and quarter-moon emblems, look elsewhere. She has had her share plus of difficult life situations. But she’s kindly, caring supportive and approachable. And I’ve no doubt whatsoever as to her integrity. Overall, I feel my time with Ophelia was definitely useful and beneficial and I recommend her without reservation.


Cherry, Nashville, TN

Ophelia came into my life at a time when I was severely ill with recurring pneumonia and related illnesses. Through her guidance, I regained my health when my physicians thought I was incurable. Through her wisdom, I discovered a deeper mystical connection to the Universe and a God of my understanding. Through her teachings, I learned how to claim my potential. Without her, I would likely not be here and certainly would not be developing into a person I can accept has value, who is enough to make it, to flourish on my own independently. I am eternally grateful to her and commend her to anyone dedicated to healing.


Monica, RN, Denver, Colorado

Ophelia’s warmth and insights into my soul were heartfelt and genuine, and the healing poured throughout my body and mind. I am renewed, strengthened, and revitalized after every session, and recommend Ophelia’s healing work to everyone.


Linda T, Artist and Jeweler

Ms. Ophelia is a ray of sunshine. On volumes of levels as I am budding. Her positive and intuitive teachings, show me how and what to perceive, towards my ultimate goal. Gracefully and helpfully she is helping human kind raise above destruction. Her work with intuitive purpose is unparalleled.


Carol, Aura Artist/Healer, Television Producer , Colorado

I was amazed when Ophelia both saw and danced for me the exact motions that I do when I am warming up. Ophelia is a gifted healer and clairvoyant reader. Her comprehension is not limited just to the here and now but draws from the eons past and future. The session was not without tears and joy, which I guess, is what it takes to melt down and be renewed.


Steve, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Dear Ophelia:
I can’t begin to tell you what a positive and deep impact your first session had on me. The experience was remarkable! It literally showed me a way to make my life more peaceful. All I had to do was walk in with an open mind. You and your process did the rest.

The experience you gave me not only opened my eyes and my heart but left me with a different perspective on my relationship with my brother. For the first time in my life I saw the part I played in our relationship. More importantly, I saw how to change it (me) to make it better.

You told me that I would probably see some changes in the weeks and months following our session. You were right. Over the last few months I seem to be getting calmer and more serene. My reaction to events is different. My family and friends have noticed the difference and have brought it to my attention. They are happier with the calmer me and so am I. I view this as a spiritual healing experience and I thank you for it. I hope others have opportunity to heal themselves using your technique.

Warmest regards,


Amanda, Estes Park, CO

Ophelia is a natural healer. Her gentle approach to healing circumnavigates the conscious mind that states, “No, I am stuck. No, I cannot change.” After my session with Ophelia, I noticed a marked difference in the way my body felt, I highly recommend Ophelia’s style of bodywork – it employs the power of the unconscious mind with Souls nurturing messages.


Mackey, Florida

I have to say that I was very skeptical about your work when we first met. My depression was so extreme that I decided what did I have to loose. I have to say it has been nearly 3 months since working with you and I have had no recurrence of my depression. I feel lighter, calmer and am able to deal with stress much more positively. It is remarkable!