21st Century Psychologies

A View of 21st Century Psychologies!

21st Century Psychologies are the integration of ancient and shamanic wisdoms and teachings with NEW looks.

The wholeness of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields has been integrated into varying new modalities/psychologies that are in line with the developing consciousness, soul and personalities of the changing world and incoming populations.

What I find amazing and fascinating, is that even though each of these modalities of psychology (as I call them) are based on the same or similar teachings and disciplines, as listed below, they have been guided and created into completely different forms, each, unto its self, a huge body of work!

These disciplines include:

  • Western, Mayan and Eastern Astrology’s,
  • The I CHING of China,
  • The Kabbalah or Tree of Life from Jewish traditions
  • Calendars of Natural Time and Space from Mayan teachings
  • The influence of the Stellar Nations and Constellations of the Milky Way Galaxy,
  • The energetic signatures of DNA, physiology, heredity, past lives, beliefs and life experiences.
  • The understanding of Energy, Vibration and Auric Human and Universal fields and the Chakra Vortexes of the Human Body,

It is human nature to dismiss feelings and intuition when faced with difficult or life changing events that upset comfort and security. Looking at one side gives a view from a small window.

Begin with the same information and then look at the issues through several different lenses. The same or similar results and information will be revealed through different expressions of thought within each discipline mentioned above.

The view goes from a small window to an vastly expanded 180 degree view!

View YOUR 21st Century SELF through the Eyes of 21st Century Psychologies.

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