You are the Book ~ You are the Puzzle ~ You are the lock ~ You HOLD the Key to you New Life!

No one teacher, guide or guru has ALL of the answers YOU seek or can heal or change you
That is YOUR job!

To change the world – change yourself – the world will follow!

The Journey to Empower Oneself takes

COURAGE to reveal what you don’t want to see or admit
TIME gives way for Wisdom to be conceived through Experience
PATIENCE with SELF for courage and wisdom to melt away Pretenses to Reveal
An Even Evolving Refined YOU!

Anyone or Anything that does not make you Come Alive is TOO SMALL FOR YOU

Author Unknown

Find yourself by looking through new lenses beyond the “status quo views of normal”

No One
Person, Career, Title, Money
will make you complete
You are already a Complete Being
Learning to BE a Fulfilled Being

What is being in the Moment?

TODAY is all there is NOW
For YESTERDAY is a NOW gone by
And TOMORROW is a NOW yet to come
With the space in between
A Time to Breathe in Life
No more, no less