About Ophelia



Ophelia’s gifts are the platforms for her consultations.

Intuition and clairsentient gifts of feeling, seeing and connecting with energy, sound and vibrations allow her to read history and patterns in the etheric fields affecting health and wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Why and how I felt different growing up, and more often than not, misunderstood, was the impetus for the life-long search to understand myself and my role in the greater world of this lifetime.  Through and from the search, at times taking me back to previous lifetimes and dimensions, the true gifts of my heart and soul gradually and profoundly honed their roles to be the core of The Real Me now.

During the past 30 years, I have discovered diverse and unique ways of interpreting past and present patterns, life and health issues, the power of energetic and vibration frequencies to build up or break down life force, connections to spirit and angelic realms, and the creative genius potential residing within each person.

Self Empowerment, Soul and Spirit Awakening, Wellness, Stress, Relationships, Career, Creativity, Community Leadership are some of the focus areas for consultations and workshops.

The unfolding of the creative arts has also been incredibly important in understanding the inner and outer journey more clearly. These include: writing blogs and authoring an empowerment guide; creating an oracle card deck; creating paintings, mandalas, and walking labyrinths with sacred geometries; a theater production on Money, Power, Sex and Death; production/host of a television show. 

“From a very early age, I have seen and felt the world around me in ways that made no sense most of the time. How and why should I know information and events before their time, before they happened with no outward evidence! Such revelations could include subtle and not so subtle events, inventions, psychic visions and perceptions, knowing of where issue and behaviors evolved from, (related to relationships, health, heredity or incarnation) and perceiving future world and personal events.

At 3 years old I encountered a group of “nuns” swimming on the beach outside our house, I remember they wore long robes and veils. They took off the dark robes to reveal white petticoats, and the veils came off revealing their shaved/bald heads I was surprised as a 3-year-old can be, yet not frightened. Several even tried to talk to me, I just stared back! Many years later when clarity came with the realization they were not nuns but visitors from somewhere else!”





Clients Testimonials in their own Words

  • The experience you gave me not only opened my eyes and my heart but left me with a different perspective on my relationship with my brother. For the first time in my life I saw the part I played in our relationship. More importantly, I saw how to change it (me) to make it better.
    SteveFt. Lauderdale, Florida
  • The session with you was completely an alchemical experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the spiritual transformation. However, I am not quite able to put it into words for the testimonial. I can see a thought form in the air but I can’t quite put it in my own words.
    Dr. MargaritaPsychiatrist, CO
  • As it turned out, what started out as distinctly negative feelings gradually through the hour revealed visual changes in me in a more and more positive light. A subtle but noticeable “aura” also showed up; she coached me on how to manifest that. Ophelia has a persona that is down to earth and genuine. ...
    Don F. PhD Santa Fe, NM