Your Authentic Self

Your Authentic Self is waiting to be discovered
Limitless possibilities arise when Fear ~ Doubt ~ Lack ~ Judgment are removed
Releasing confusion and chaos lights the path ahead


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A consultation will consist of intuitive, psychic and clairsentient impressions and messages, reading of energetic fields and information revealed by one or more of the modalities referred to as the 21st Century Psychologies.

Allow 90 minutes for a consultation, however, the final session length is determined by the intensity and complexity of information. After 90 minute, each 20 minutes will have a small additional fee. All consultations will include a recorded audio file for client, and PDFs of any charts created.


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A collection of products and tools to

Inspire Creativity
Awaken Potential
Strengthen Intuition
Empower New Directions
Unique Astrology Art with Readings


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