Life Alchemy Consultations:

First and foremost, YOU – the CLIENT are in charge and responsibly for the effectiveness of information and outcomes from any doctor, practitioner, spiritual guide and/or facilitator you encounter in life

The people, disciplines, knowledge and practices used are TOOLS for miracles to be possible on the path to wholeness and wellness.

BEING open or closed, willing or resistant, hopeful or fearful, trusting or doubtful, are the energetic signature responses, the keys or the locks for the desired, unfolding and courageous path ahead.


Life Alchemy Consultation Value Energy Exchange:

All consultations to be paid in full prior to appointment.

 Life is an interactive exchange of energy and value. Breath being the model – in and out, giving and receiving.

Consultations In-Person or by Phone/Skype/Zoom
All consultations will include a recorded audio file for client, and PDFs of any charts created.

Consultations are a journey of weaving real and subtle information from Earth, Spirit and beyond in the present moment.
The path opens with intuitive messages and guidance from the Divine energies and Higher Self. Additional clarity opens through the Eyes of 21st Century Psychologies of patterns, knowledge and once hidden aspects revealed. Each consultation is a unique and mindful experience.

In Person Consultations:   90 minutes
$150 USD

Consultations in Mount Shasta or other locations, when traveling will include: Energy Alignment, Shamanic Labyrinth Walk and visits to some local sacred spots if desired.


By Phone/Skype/Zoom Consultations: 90 minutes
$125 USD

Each additional 20 minutes:
$22 USD

By Phone – En~Lighten~Me Oracle Card Reading: (Short Reading)
$35 USD

What will 2021 look like? A View of Potentials!  Minutes
By phone or Skype. When looking at each nine-year cycle, what year is 2018 in your cycle? What will be the influences, possibilities and probabilities?
As revealed through Intuitive Messages, Numerology, Astrology and The Oracle
$75 USD

Is a Life Alchemy Consultation right for you?

Read the testimonials from many other clients, especially the ones that admitted they were skeptical to Ophelia’s offerings.  They will give you a wide and varying view of her approaches and techniques to each client.

Being drawn to a teacher, guide or facilitator can be seen as the telephone call coming from higher guidance for reasons yet to be revealed. This is a very common way for loved one in spirit world to reach out and communicate.

Questions to ask in preparation for a Life Alchemy Consultation:

  • Do you DESIRE to BE your BEST SELF?
  • Are you STANDING at a major crossroads in life – identity, relationships or career?
  • Are you WILLING to SEE yourself in a New Light with New Possibilities?
  • WHAT IS HOLDING you back: Fear – Doubt –  Lack  –  Perceptions?
  • What would you DO if those barriers were removed?
  • The Authentic Self is WAITING to be DISCOVERED because…. She/he has stood in the wings long enough!
  • Are you READY to take a Leap to FIND new Faith in YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF?

What to Expect:  (In Person or via Phone/Skype/Zoom)

We will create a safe, grounded and clear space for the time together.

I will connect with the energy, auric fields and Divine, Angelic and Spirit realms. A prayer, specifically guided for the session will come forth to establish all revelations be of truth (known to the client), of integrity, purpose, humility and in the highest good of all concerned.

We start with a question, concern or desire, a point of reference or “an ice breaker”, based the topics listed below. From there, we will be guided by the higher realms opening their communication and direction to go. The explorations can and most often do, go in many directions which seem not to be connected, yet with patience, the revelations go full circle to a point of discovery and clarity required. It is a mystical journey that cannot be determined or controlled by the logical mind.

  • Personal Empowerment and Soul and Spiritual Growth
  • Relationships in your Life
  • Guidance for future Paths and Goals and Desires
  • Identify Life and Family Patterns and Karmic Relationships
  • Awakening the Creative Genius Within
  • Reiki, Energy and Sound Alignments and Hot Stone Therapy with in-person consultations

Any references to health and wellness issues are for information only. It is the client’s responsibility to seek and consult with appropriate medical professionals.

What is Included:

A consultation will consist of intuitive, psychic and clairsentient impressions and messages, reading of energetic fields and information revealed by one or more of the modalities referred to as the 21st Century Psychologies. (see descriptions)

Allow 90 minutes for a consultation, however, the final session length is determined by the intensity and complexity of information. After 90 minute, each 20 minutes will have a small additional fee. All consultations will include a recorded audio file for client, and PDFs of any charts created.

The true effectiveness of any consultation and life revealing information is the follow up. What you do and how the information, ideas and suggestions are applied to your life in the days and weeks following makes a difference. Please know it takes courage to follow and step up to becoming the new and improved person you desire.

It is a step by step slow unfolding usually, yet not always. Just take a brief look at your life thus far – hindsight is powerful. Look back to yourself 5 years ago, 10 years ago!

Who were you then?  Who are you now?  Who would you like to be in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years from now?

Who Inspires You?   Read about their life and struggles. They have been where you are right now – be courageous!

A Mission Statement for Consultations:

THE MISSION set before us is to create, align and manifest through the Ascension of Higher Consciousness a New World of Unity, Equality, Acceptance, Recognition, Justice and Unconditional Love inline with the Universal Law of Divine Creation, the pure spark that each living being came from.

To this end – To Be, To Know and To Live with more refined knowledge of ourselves is vital.


THE SEEKER begins building with a strong foundation.

THE AWAKENER learns and understands the need to ground the Light within to see in the darkness.

THE CARRIER shines the ever strengthening Light within on the path ahead

THE BEACON stands with full intensity, strong in the face of raging dark seas, holding the light beam high, turning full circle to light and warn of hazards ahead

Keep searching through the Shadow to awaken the Light with full consciousness as you walk the path ahead.

 “Alchemy is the vibrational process of transmuting one thing into another.”

When a client is ready, willing, desires and open to improving and changing their life approach, to face habitual or tough life issues and relationships, the sense organs of the body activate in more heightened ways.

There is an energetic and vibrational shift internally that can be felt in stillness. 

Clients Testimonials in their own Words

  • My Energy Alignment session with Ophelia was a gentle release of old cellular patterns while being consciously aligned with my Higher-Self. There was an immediate transfer of energy that was cathartic, inspiring and very moving.
    TobyShaman/Healer, Artist Kansas City, MO
  • Ms. Ophelia is a ray of sunshine. On volumes of levels as I am budding. Her positive and intuitive teachings, show me how and what to perceive, towards my ultimate goal. Gracefully and helpfully she is helping human kind raise above destruction. Her work with intuitive purpose is unparalleled.
    Linda TArtist and Jeweler
  • I have to say that I was very skeptical about your work when we first met. My depression was so extreme that I decided what did I have to loose. I have to say it has been nearly 3 months since working with you and I have had no recurrence of my depression. I feel lighter, calmer and am able to deal with stress much more positively. It is remarkable!