Art Gallery

Rising Consciousness

Holding the Yellow Crystal Seed within the Heart of Duality¬†for the promise of Transformation within the 432 HZ Frequency. Based on the 13 Moon Mayan Calendar – July 26 2017 to July 24 2018 will be the Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed. Therefore, this crystal seed will hold to matrix of consciousness for transformation. What plays out willbe based on humanity’s choices.

This series has been borne through the observing of the natural world and the events playing out today. The emotional potency of issues that affect people’s everyday lives are diverse and wide spread. What is important to living a good life and being considerate to life and others?

Our times are about change coming through rising awareness and consciousness of oursleves as people and how one person at a time can make a difference.

Mandalas Speak

Three stages of life are represented in this image.

Stage one: the door that might be there just before the eyes, but is not noticed, or even see because one is so busy with so many other things;

Stage two: noticing the door, yet being so skeptical and afraid to open it and discover the world lying behind it.

Stage three: Opening the door and being blessed with its hidden chances that have been saved for only you now. The Universe would not let any one open a new door unless s/he is ready for what happens in the right determined time.

The first mandala style art piece started very simply with Yellow Seed Birth the New Earth Matrix. This was followed by the Sacred Entry Mandala and The Heart Mandala. They seemed to appear out of nowhere onto the canvas, which was quite a remarkable feeling. 

The next series was inspired in response to the Fukishima Disaster.  The emergence of self-contained holographic energy light sub-station blueprints revealed through the sacred geometries and labyrinth generators infused with crystals to my understanding of their power and purpose to new levels. When someone stands or sits on the Balance and Grounding Mandala they say there is an energetic flow experienced. These art mandalas can also be used for meditation focus.

Mount Shasta Goddess

Sitting at my camp table at McBride Springs, SHE appeared out of the mountain, an energetic vibration signature. This coincided with a new emergence of My Self and claiming goddess energy more fully.

In 2012 -2013 the powerful feminine energy started anchoring into the consciousness of humanity to herald a new aeon of time – The Age of Aquarius.

This feminine is not about women, yet it is. However far more so, it is about the feminine or more gentle, nurturing and life sustaining energy to be found within every human on earth, male or female.

The balance has been totally to the male dominance for thousands of years. Now it is moving at a rapid pace to balance with the feminine. This is where a peace can be found… this is what I believe.