En~Lighten~Me Oracle Card Deck and Guide Book

Intuitive Journeys

for Creation, Evolution, Revolution


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“Each person holds the answers to all questions, troubles, health and life issues somewhere within their total expression of being an individual Human Being. Because we live in such a dysfunctional incoherent and manipulated world, 99% of the population has no concept of this at all.”

This is vital to understanding teaching, healing, spiritual path or discipline taken throughout life.

We all need guidance, teachers, and experiences to help see THE WAY FORWARD. Some get it, some don’t!

En~Lighten~Me Oracle Cards are a tool for you to develop intuition, to show new perspectives to old situations, to trust the unknown, and find new and varied possibilities that are RIGHT for you.

We are the BOOK. We are the PUZZLE.

We are the LOCK. We HOLD the KEY!

We are the CREATORS of EVOLUTION making way for R-EVOLUTION

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Ophelia The Mystic Muse

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