Keep It Simple Sojourner…..Following the Path of Soulchronicity……Guide to Self Empowerment

Keep It Simple Sojourner

Following the Path of Soulchronicity


When relationships, career, health and joy of life get stressful and complicated Go Back to the Basics – THE REAL YOU       Search ~ Empower ~ Learn ~ Fulfill

What is Soulchronicity?

Soulchronicity is Life expressed through the effortless flow of events when Soul and Heart are in full command of the human experience with TRUST and SURRENDER the only requests……thus giving way for…..Synchronicity to manifest in the flow of events and movements between yourself and others, making life seem a magical manifestation.

The Soulchronicity demand:
Give up what you know to be safe, secure,
acceptable and Trust the inner movement ahead.

This guide to Self Empowerment is designed to inspire a positive Self Image. It is filled with art, ideas, perspectives, and exercises to use at any time by anyone.“You are the book. A self-contained library of stories and experiences, spanning many years, topics, emotions, characters and locations”. This is true of everyone. Each person is a book in progress!

How to use this guide?

You can read it from cover to cover or just pick it up and let the pages fall open as they choose, revealing messages to speak through the words and art at the moment!

Keep It Simple Sojourner, Following the Path of Soulchronicity has been borne through reflecting on my own journey over many years,
even more, miles traveled and the multitudes of people I have met in all situations, relationships, and locations worldwide. The personal stories show how timing and events unfolded in surprising ways and outcomes. It has been a discovery of what has been done right, what didn’t go well, what I would rather forget, who I was then, who I am now, how I have changed the way I see and live life to make Now magnificent! The magnificence has come in many forms. The stories touch on this reality and beyond and how synchronicity and soulchronicity worked together. Throughout the book, there are reflection pages to use as a place to define your feelings, self-talk, dreams, and reflections revealed in the stories, art, and exercises.

Anyone or Anything that does not make you
Come Alive

What does this mean to you?

Who or What makes you Alive now?



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