Evolving Consciousness Part 1 ~ Vulnerability and Masks

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Vulnerability and Masks

This series of conversations with Ophelia on Evolving Consciousness were recorded several years ago. The information is timeless and perfect for today’s generation of seekers.

Future topics will include: Vulnerability and Masks; Manipulating Consciousness; Lessons form Gracie;  The Power of Thoughts; Water of Mount Shasta; Finding the Lost Compassionate Warrior; It’s Time to Honor Your Passion; Tying All This Together; You Are Unique.

I hope you enjoy the conversations. I am now taking bookings for Life Alchemy consultations for February and March schedules.

Receiving the Wise Message:

Years ago I produced and hosted a television program in Charlottesville, No. Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Santa Fe called “Have You Ever Wondered…Stepping Beyond Status Quo.” In the beginning, I worked very hard to create the perfect set, just like the networks! As you can imagine, my version was far from perfect, however, it worked most of the time.

In line at CVS, a voice from behind said, “I saw you on television, I watched your show!” Of course, then other heads turned, I was embarrassed. He continued, “What you were saying I needed to hear that day, thank you!”

I asked which show and topic he was referring to, alas, he couldn’t remember. Pressing a little more I asked the question a different way. Still no luck, and then he responded, Oh yes, it was the one where the picture fell off the wall!”

I was mortified in public!  This dear man looked at me, saw the tears right on the surface of my eyes, smiled and said,

It is not what the set looks like.  It was the words you were speaking that were important to me!”

After that, all the sets were simple with flowers and a few small props. He was right!


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Ophelia The Mystic Muse

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