Evolving Consciousness Part 2 ~ Manipulating Consciousness

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Manipulating Consciousness

Since this series was filmed there has been a huge increase in the number of forces wishing to manipulated the consciousness and decisions of the people of the world. As it quietly increased and the ways to achieve it became more overt and insidious, most often veiled in the form of entertainment, and the persuasion that people need, want or require more and more of most everything, regardless of whether it is good or bad because the driving forces are profits and control.

It is not easy to identify all sources, and even those, myself included, who are very aware of this happening on such huge scales, can get caught in the trap of following a teaching or guru, buying products we really know are not good, getting caught up in political hype and personalities whose platforms are veiled as truthful and caring, yet underneath their intentions are far from that.

I encourage you to learn more, research the growing mountain of information and evidence worldwide in order to make the choices. You choose to live in a more conscious and healthy way, on your terms!  The more you are conscious of the fullness of yourself authentic self, the more red flags start to fly high as warning signs to pay attention to what is around you!

Hone the muscle of trust within!

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Ophelia The Mystic Muse

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