The New Tenets of Cooperative Leadership

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It is possible to achieve a WIN/WIN result, for all sides, when this formula is used as a guiding templet for success.

During a previous stage of my life, in the nineties, I was the Executive Director of a Federally-Funded, Social Service program, working with varying communities, organizations and foundations in Mid-Missouri. As a person of vision and solving problems, when participating in meetings and on boards, I was continually frustrated with the majority of people involved in these varying groups always extolling why new ideas will or would not work because they challenged comfort zones and the ways “it has always been done!”

During the four years of guiding a staff of four, 100 + senior (60 – 93 years old) stipended volunteers in forty-three works sites in four counties, concerns and problems were solved using intuition, logic, need and incorporating people in the communities. Not only did the program get turned around, but the moral of the seniors was also raised to one of participating ownership. The worksites, schools, and businesses in each community saw the vision to participate for common success. Using these experiences a templet, a formula was revealed to help facilitate others in finding their success formula.

Jumping forward a lot of years! In a day and age that continually examples divisive and combative leadership, that is based on pushing people to choose between one person or another, one party or another with total disregard for integrity, truth, fairness, justice and what is good to the group, organization or country. This is an international problem which has been and is putting the peace and sanity of life at risk.

The old establishment, the patriarchal hold on power is at its end and there are great opportunities for ancient/new ways of approaching governance, leadership, management, and facilitation of business, education, and life coming into acceptance.

The warring mentality of destroying the other is over. Through vast advancement, more and more people are seeking spiritual ways of living, and of how a significant number of people (the hundredth monkey effect) around the world are consciously focusing on raising the collective consciousness to a whole new paradigm of higher living principles.

In the news worldwide, is too often of doom, gloom and destructive behavior. Yet, hidden away from the limelight, many, many people, groups, businesses, and a few governments are looking and doing brainstorming to find better ways to address old problems. And in most cases, the best ideas will not come from those experts and gurus but from everyday people, like you and I whose main goal is to improve the ways problems are solved, rather than repeating the same, to gain the never changing results.

If your not-for-profit, organization, group, business or even family are looking for new ways to move ahead, to create visions for manifestation, then please contact me to learn more and arrange a consultation.

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