Wonders of Mount Shasta


Wonders of Mount Shasta

January 11, 2019

A massive lenticular cloud dwarfing Mount Shasta, 14,167 ft. It was an awesome sight! These lenticular clouds form over and around the mountain when certain unique weather patterns are present. Mount Shasta is known for having weather – it can be snowing or raining in the town and environs, yet, 5 miles in either direction the weather is completely different!

Heading north on Highway 5 from Sacramento, there’s a sign, WEED 88 miles!  That means it’s an hour and a half to home – Mount Shasta City in Northern California. Just after seeing that sign and on a clear day, this beautiful white-capped mountain rises before you in the distant. For me, it is a comforting sight, for many others seeing her opens up an air of anticipation of magic, awakening, discovery and great outdoor activities that are available all year round.

Just to set the record straight – WEED does not refer to the plant. It refers to Abner Weed, who back in 1897 started a log mill in the town because the areas wind patterns are very good for drying logs to be milled.

What makes Mount Shasta special?

Most notable is her shear awesome beauty breathing life into the whole area. The skiing, hiking, swimming, boating and nature call many from all around the world, during all seasons. The mountain snow melt run-off at the Headwaters gives birth to the long and winding Sacrament River, sending water down to far off Southern California.

Then, there is the mystical, magical and spiritual world within and around the mountain, the land and the town. For hundreds of years there have been many tales, sightings and mystical events for so many people, myself included, that generally defy logic, yet, when they happen there is no denying the experience, even if you can’t explain them or don’t tell anyone.

Mount Shasta is a living being of Earth/Gaia and in the electromagnetic matrix of the earth, she is know as the anchor point for the ROOT CHAKRA, as found in the human body. It is the first chakra representing anchoring, grounding, survival. Across Planet Earth there are sacred locations, each designated to represent a chakra or energy vortex, a place that breathes in and out life force energy.  There is also the connection to many Native American Tribes, such as Modoc, Wintu, Karuk and others, who have inhabited the land for centuries, and then the even more ancient tales and mystical spiritual connections to the Ancient Civilization of Lemurian and those of Telos, living within the mountain, even to this day!

For me,  my years in Mount Shasta profoundly opened creative expression I could never have anticipate and in the most unusual way. Basically, whenever I would spend extended periods of time living in a tent on the mountain or in the forest along the rivers, new creative juices would started bubbling up to expression, giving birth to a theater production/performances on Money, Power, Sex and Death; a mix of Astrology and Art readings on relationships; Art of the Goddess, detailed Mandala blueprints and Walking Labyrinths Portals. Things I had never done before.  Also, I conduct unique personal Life Alchemy Consultations in nature, the great office space. It is while walking, hiking, resting and sharing that amazing alchemy can active from within, revealing information for self discovery not usually available in a static office setting.

Is Mount Shasta calling to you? I hope to meet you here!

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