The Debate Some People Like to Control – Pro-life has many meanings!

The Hypocrisy of the Debate!

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I had not planned on writing this particular posting today. In fact, I have been working on the topic of Language, Leadership, and Labyrinths in preparation for a series of seminars I will be presenting. Although, upon reflection, it actually has everything to do with Language and Leadership!

While surfing the following headline caught my eye and so a click followed suit.

Michele Bachmann Anti-Abortion Rally: Former GOP Presidential Candidate Speaks At Event

“Here on our watch we will stand, we will stand for life, we will never forget, we will never give up, and next year we will gather in a day of celebration when we have finally ended abortion in this all important election,” she said. “Join me this year. Choose life.” This is the quote from the Huffington Post piece.

Well, it brought back some similar feelings when George W. Bush made reference to “Every Life has Value” at a speech at Kansas State in 2006 or so.

In the 2006-7 season, I decided to put the issue out to my television audience at the time, here is the transcript on The Meaning of ProLife. In light of our current world situation, deep thought is once again appropriate.

The Meaning of Pro-life

“There is a very fine line that is crossed in this debate.

Let me ask you these questions:

If you believe in Pro-life, is it applicable in all areas of life?

Is it still an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth?

In taking a stance for Pro-life,  do you also believe in:

The Death Penalty,

The NRA,

Military Action,

Do you support placing guns in the hands of the children you saved through pro-life that are now adults?

Do you rejoice when the enemy is killed, and want retaliation when your own is killed?

Is it win at any cost?

Is a Pro-life stance only a display for Political and Social acceptance?

Does a Pro-life stance only affect select portions of the population?

Does death justify death, and revenge override forgiveness?

And then if, one holds a strong religious belief and faith in the Original and True teachings of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, The Tao, and Native American teachings, wisdom and any other discipline that is Truly Guided by the Essence of God, Divine Love, Compassion and Heart Centered Action –

Can any of the above mentioned be supported with conviction?

What does your heart and soul say?

It is for YOU to make the decision

You cannot support Both and not be a Hypocrite!

Ophelia The Mystic Muse

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